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Telehealth appointments

Video or phone consultations are medical consultations. There are certain aspects of these consultations that patients should be aware of:

- Video consultations:

      * Use a computer instead of a tablet/phone as you will require your hands-free moving/ performing tasks

      * Be mindful of privacy in the room 

      * Wear non-obstructive clothing 

      * Allow enough space in the room to perform certain physical tasks like bending, squatting, laying on your back, sitting on a chair with full visibility of your legs

      * Beware of backlight - if there is direct sunlight towards your camera, change the angle of the computer or close blinds and open lights

      * Use wireless headphones if in a loud place (not preferred) or speakers. Do not use cabled headphones.  

About the experience

You may find Telehealth consultations as very different experience. 


During the pandemic, medical professionals have experienced and upskilled themselves on how to deliver medical care better via Telehealth services.


The government also prepared some guidelines on the standards and delivery of these services.


Both the patients and practitioners should acknowledge that there are some limitations on using Telehealth for diagnosis and management of certain conditions. Dr Gozubuyuk will advise you further if your condition has specific limitations at the earliest convenience. 


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